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Geometrically designed furniture


Design Talk means time to meet the face behind a brand. Today we make time to get to know Jaanus Orgusaar. An inventor and designer inspired by the incredible geometry found in natural forms, Jaanus Orgusaar uses two-dimensional materials to create innovative three-dimensional objects, bringing both art and nature into the home.


About the designer

Design that’s not to be pinned down easily yet swiftly manages to captivate. Originating from the imagination of Estonian creative jack-of-all-trades Jaanus Orgusaar, a designer, inventor, architect and artist for whom finding a common denominator is equally challenging. His collections reflect a respect and appreciation for the exact proportions that can be found in geometry and nature. Subsequently some of the products emanate the intrinsic calm of perfectly proportioned geometric figures. Others carry out the flowing, organic character of nature. So very precise in concept, design and functionality that the essential can manifest.




Eat, drink, relax

The innovative and eye-catching designs of Jaanus Orgusaar‘s chic dining tables and chairs are a fool-proof way to add a statement piece into any home. Minimal, geometric and endlessly interesting, these pieces are not only practical, but they’re a talking point too. Plus, for your dining or living space, the Dune Bookshelf combines natural curves and an organic form with extra space for storage and lets you show off your favourite home accessories. And it even comes in different sizes so is sure to fit any space needing a little something extra.





Light up your life

Not only does Jaanus Orgusaar design effortlessly architectural furniture, but he also turns his innovative mind to lighting. The cool and quirky lamps come in a variety of shapes, all flat packed and easy to assemble. From curved zig-zag lines that create fun patterns across your wall to a honeycomb-style lampshade that makes your space feel soft and warm. Not to mention the Rai Ceiling Lamp, the ultimate functional art piece that uses simple arcs to create an open, woven pattern that lets your light be the centre of attention.


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