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COOL, CALM & COLLECTED: ultracool Miami beachside apartment

Designed for a family of six leaving Seattle to relocate in the famous beaches of Miami, Florida, MW Works combined two seaside apartments set on Ocean Drive to create the ultimate chic residence complete with sea views.

Seattle-based architecture and design firm MW Works is well-known for its use of natural textures, and this Miami apartment is no different. Focusing on the location’s beautiful views and introducing natural wood and a neutral palette, this residence is truly timeless.

Dark and light

The materials chosen for this residential project took into consideration the play of natural, unfiltered light that floods the oceanside space. The use of plaster on the walls and ceiling allows for the changing light to pick up the natural irregularities in the texture, creating an ever-evolving interior landscape.

Accompanying this sand-coloured plaster are sleek concrete floors and tropical hardwood. The interior spaces in the apartment – these being the kitchen and dining areas – are dimmer and moodier, creating cosier zones for the family to spend time in together, while the five bedrooms around the perimeter of the apartment focus on pale tones that feel light, bright and calm.

Focus on minimalism

Architecture and interior design studio MW works designed the space not only in such a way that it would never feel dated or lose its cool charm, but additionally made the decision to hide hardware such as handles and light switches within the doors and walls in order to create an atmosphere devoid of clutter.

The interior styling follows this feel of minimal design without losing its comfortable feel, with neutral colours used across the soft furnishings – in bedding, curtains and rugs – while woven materials and patterns incorporated across the space soften the feel of the rather industrial concrete and plaster finishings.




Source: Dezeen

Images: Kevin Scott

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