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Design talk: tres sis zero

When waste becomes treasure

Design Talk means time to meet the face behind a brand. Today we make time to get to know Sybil Mortelmans, the designer of tres sis zero. Their goal is to contribute towards a more sustainable fashion system, making unique, accessible and high quality products. How? You’ll discover that here!


Locally sourced, locally crafted

A fundamental part in their process are the artisans they work with—without their amazing handwork and willingness to make small runs, the project of tres sis zero would be impossible. Theirs is truly slow fashion. These artisans actively participate in the development with the knowledge they’ve gathered over years of work.

tres sis zero works with craftsmen close to where they source raw materials to avoid unnecessary transport costs and contamination. Locally sourced, locally crafted. At tres sis zero, the designs are timeless and practical. They prefer not to follow the latest trends, instead making things that last. Like every sustainable fashion lover, they like to cherish things and be mindful of a more durable lifestyle.


Following trends is so last season

tres sis zero is a small team with years of experience in the fashion industry and a great passion for shoes and accessories. Their dedication and knowledge of the production process has made them see that there are more sustainable and honest alternatives to the conventional system.


Why buy new materials or create new colours when big companies overestimate their needs and discard these when sales expectations are not met? Often, minimum orders are required by providers of leather, zips or lining resulting in material that will never be used sitting in warehouses. Why do we need to consume a different style or colour every six months? tres sis zero loves the idea of making this discarded material the starting point of their collection, sort of like in a circular Economy. Their waste is tres sis zero’s treasure.


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