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Art Retreat of the Future in India

Designed and realised by Indian studio Architecture Brio, this is an artist retreat built for the future. Mumbai Artist Retreat incorporates forward-thinking elements that are set to thrive in the elements, while creating an attractive space in which to enjoy the seaside.

With climate change and its potential effects on housing and building construction in mind, Architecture Brio decided to create a space in which visitors could enjoy the beautiful seaside environment and maintain views of the city, while incorporating elements which allow it to withstand whatever may come its way.

Conscious construction

Set across the water from the centre of Mumbai, this artist retreat was built to be a little different. The architects used basalt boulders in its foundation, excavated during a nearby project, while simple steel columns set above as structural support. This steel frame incorporating architecturally significant beams and columns was prefabricated off-site in order to minimise any disturbance to the local area and the animals living within.

Skylights were designed with integrated solar panels, generating electricity to power the artists retreat, which also houses a workshop space, room for short-term residents, and long-term accommodation.

The coastal dilemma

With the plot situated in a coconut plantation close to the water, in a low-lying area that is prone to flooding, Architecture Brio consciously incorporated elements which would allow this retreat to continue on even with the global threat of climate change.


While coastal spaces are much loved around the world, naturally their position on the water’s edge can make for a treacherous environment when it comes to the elements. Positioned atop stilts, this steel and bamboo construction mitigates the risks of flooding, while its ingenious design additionally allows for the temporary structure to be dismantled and relocated to higher-lying areas should it even be needed. As its lightweight frame is prefabricated off-site and simply slotted together, this space is not only forward-thinking, but versatile too.


Source: Dezeen

Images: Randhir Singh & Edmund Sumner

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