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Free-flowing forms: a stunning house by the lake

Created to sit waterside at beautiful Lake Türlersee in Switzerland, this modern space was designed by Wafai Architecture, playing on natural forms to devise a playful and dynamic holiday home for a young couple.

While this striking design was ultimately never realised, the Italian architecture firm Wafai Architecture’s take on a holiday home for a young couple expecting a baby focused on its core concepts of ultra-modern design, with a calm, coherent aesthetic.


Flowing movement

This luxury villa concept creates the feel of movement within its design, its most characteristic element being a flow visualised as a surface wall that organically transforms into part of the roof.

Within the home, a dynamic open space is punctured by a huge sculptural staircase, following the curve of the exterior and leading visitors to the second floor. Living spaces are found beneath, the lack of walls again reinforcing the free-flowing feel of the home. This project was designed to additionally feature a floating pool within the lake, further playing with the contrast between the natural surroundings and the built environment designed for the family.


Naturally complementary

Although ultra-modern and rather stand-out in its design, the Lake House has been devised to reference the landscape in which it is enveloped. Wafai Architecture visited the area before starting their design process, and the result is a space which in turn stands both in contrast and harmony with its surroundings. This emphasis on site location is expressed in the use of plaster cladding on the cast concrete blocks used as the foundational structure, with additional wooden elements providing variation in colour and additionally as reference to the forest.

In using an elegantly curved glass façade, the architects create visual harmony and a personal feeling of connectivity between the inhabitants of the space and the rich forest and lake landscapes in which the home sits.



Source: Parametric Architecture

Images: WAFAI

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