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The Belgian brand that makes sure that doormats are everything but boring.


Design Talk means time to meet the face behind a brand. Today we make time to get to know MAD ABOUT MATS. Since 2015 this Belgian and trending brand is creating fireworks in houses all over the world. Are you mad about mats? Read more about this Belgian creative here!

4 questions for Anne-Helena (MAD ABOUT MATS)

You’ve started your brand when you were 21 years old. What’s the big advantage of starting your own business at an early age?

ANNE-HELENA As a graduate, I was looking for a fascinating job in which administration could be combined with my creative passions. Unfortunately, I missed those two in every job application. Meanwhile, my eldest brother has been in the textile business for more than 10 years and that’s how I got into it. With his company Empire Carpets, he is the producer of MAD ABOUT MATS. Of crouse that’s a big advantage for me and one of the reasons why all the mats are proudly made in Belgium.

The advantage of the age? I didn’t know anything about the business. I didn’t know what to expect, nor what the job entailed. Not to mention what the market had to offer me. An advantage in my eyes, because maybe I would never have done this job if I knew exactly what it was all about. Don’t get me wrong, I still love what I do: the variety keeps me going that’s why I just can’t get enough of it.



Why doormats?

ANNE-HELENA I grew up with it. My eldest brother started his business Empire Carpets in 2006, about 14 years ago. I was just in my first year of high school. Textile was something we often talked about at home, as my dad is also active in that type of business. I had other dreams back then, but with ‘getting older’ I became more realistic. I always looked up to both my dad and my eldest brother. At home I also always learned: it doesn’t matter what you do, but you have to like doing it and then you will succeed. Trial and error included of course!


Sometimes I bump into something that makes me think: “Oh, maybe I can turn this into a mat.”

Anne-Helena (MAD ABOUT MATS)




What inspires you to create the MAD ABOUT MATS doormats?

ANNE-HELENA I am rather atypical in terms of style. I would do anything not to have to follow the big trends. The intention of each collection is to be attractive to my target group. The mats won’t sell if the designs are too progressive, right?

I find inspiration thanks to fashion (always a bit ahead of interior design), but of course also from things of everyday life. Sometimes I bump into something that makes me think: “Oh, maybe I can turn this into a mat”.



Tell us: your biggest dream for MAD ABOUT MATS.

ANNE-HELENA I would be so happy if MAD ABOUT MATS really became a big name and if everyone was like, “Yes, I want to have a MAD ABOUT MATS too”.

Some time ago I got to know a couple thanks to my husband. We were talking a bit and of course also we were also talking about our work. The woman immediately started talking about MAD ABOUT MATS when I mentioned that I work for a brand that creates doormats. She tould me to take a look at the brand because she thought it was a very beautiful one. I of course had a very proud moment when I could say that MAD ABOUT MATS was actually my brand. Crazy isn’t it?



Your interior deserves a boost. From the front door to the master bedroom, every mat will find its place in your interior. A unique design combined with an adapted quality is where MAD ABOUT MATS is known for. It follows the recent trends in terms of colour combinations and patterns. No doubt about it, one of these doormats will surely find its place in your interior. Pop out of the crowd and define your own style.





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