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The egg delicacies tool you’ll need to try


Design Talk means time to meet the face behind a brand. Today we make time to get to know ÄGGCØDDLER, a quick and Scandinavian way to enjoy eggs!


Do you need quick and easy breakfast ideas? Start the morning with eggs. And no, we’re not talking about the casual eggs and bacon option. The Scandinavian ÄGGCØDDLER (derived from its less-famous English relative – the egg coddler) is a simple idea – it’s a porcelain cup with a lid in which amazing egg delicacies are born. Extra plus: you don’t need to be a talented chef to make an exceptionally good ÄGGCØDDLER.



On one sunny Swedish summer evening, the idea of redesigning the egg coddler is born. Jois remains ever grateful to his friend Helen for having introduced him to this delicacy, although he’s perplexed about how it could have slipped into the mists of history and been forgotten.

Using his training in design and advertising, Jois launches the ÄGGCØDDLER in 2015.



Founder Jois James



Don’t worry, making an ÄGGCØDDLER is easy peasy

1) Butter the inside of the cup to add flavour to the egg and the other ingredients you’re about to add. Plus, it makes clean-up much easier!

2) Break an uncooked egg into the cup.

3) Then comes the part where you let your culinary creativity take flight and what makes the ÄGGCØDDLER unique: add all sorts of spices, herbs, cheese, vegetables, meat – whatever you want. You can keep it simple or experiment with new flavour combinations.

4) Secure the lid with the elastic ribbon and partially immerse the ÄGGCØDDLER in boiling water for a few minutes – how long depends on how firm you like your eggs.

5) Carefully lift the porcelain from the water when the timer goes off. Remove the lid and prepare yourself for a mouth-watering, scrumptious, eggy delight that might just be too amazing for words.



Get inspired


ÄGGCØDDLERs are great for breakfast, brunch, a snack, or whenever you feel a little peckish and want a treat. Buy yours here.

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