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Effortless design meets cosy living in Brasilia

The architects Alex Claver and Wilker Medeiros from Studio 2 Arquitetura e Interiores created a cool, contemporary haven in modern Brasilia.

Following collaboration between the owners and architecture firm on 13 bakeries and the previous family home, Studio2 Arquitetura e Interiores turned their keen eye, skill and experience to this new project, creating a truly unique but beautifully warm home to be treasured for years to come.

A much-needed refresh

The existing 283 sqm apartment was renovated with the aim of reorganising the existing spaces, creating a natural-feeling flow throughout the apartment, enhancing circulation and giving new life to the architectural existing elements. Incorporating concrete pillars and beams allow semi-closed niches to be created within the space and MDF panels add texture throughout the home, with the latter also used for its soundproofing abilities. A brand-new balcony jutting out from the living space allows for daylight to flood into the room, which is reinforced by the use of porcelain tiles across common areas throughout the apartment. Marble tiles in the dining space additionally add texture to the walls, highlighted by carefully placed built-in ceiling lights.



The heart of the home

With the apartment owners’ occupation being in running bakeries, the home was redesigned in order to allow the kitchen to become the centrepiece in the space. By creating a stunning quartz island in the centre of the open plan floor and grey and wood-toned cabinets, as well as a designated space to showcase the couple’s collection of stand mixers, the architects built a focal point that doesn’t distract from the rest of the space, but enhances the idea of the kitchen being at the heart of the family’s home.

The creation of this central space in which the family can spend time together reinforces the mission of the architects to create a cool, effortless and contemporary space which both represents the residents while being perfectly arranged for modern-day living.



Images: Joana França

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