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Waves of luxury at the Garden Pavilion

When architecture firm NCDA was commissioned to design a VIP lounge in one of Hong Kong’s beautifully luxurious shopping centres, they took the concept of an airy, garden-like landscape and ran with it.

Provided with a brief to create a relaxing escape within a shopping centre at the heart of Hong Kong’s busiest shopping district, this VIP lounge echoes the serenity and calm of nature, whilst perfectly embodying the feeling of luxury. Inspired by Japanese zen gardens, curved forms and waves relay the visual image of raked gravel patterns of a sand garden, inviting visitors to relax in comfort.

The Garden Pavilion

The name of this luxury project, The Garden Pavilion in Hong Kong, strongly reflects the visual image it creates. The effortless garden-like landscape that encompasses the space is airy, calm and soft. Upon entering the building, visitors are immediately transported into a public sculpture garden housing a florist, a concierge and a seasonally adapting exhibition space.

The VIP lounge, the second landscape designed by NCDA and the true star of the show, is unfolded as visitors are guided through an area created by wavy ivory walls. The beautifully conceived design gives the feeling of luxury, without being extravagant or needlessly opulent, and the comfort and serenity additionally invites visitors to roam and explore.

(c) Harold De Puymorin

Sculptural features

The entrance to the VIP lounge is represented by a sculptural reception desk and a matching ceiling feature, created with brass and Four Seasons marble, the latter chosen for its soft colours resembling cherry blossoms. Three-metre high oxidised brass doors lead into the private space, which feels truly intimate at every turn.

Alongside the winding walls, the private lounge feels like a secret garden, with curves remaining a prominent feature throughout the space. The ceiling features lines cut into its perimeter to reinforce the feeling of a raked Japanese garden, while wavey couches and organically shaped tables and wall lights represent the curves and rocks of the garden on the lower horizontal. The fluidity of the space is a well-thought-out feature that can be easily translated from walls through to the furniture, lighting and even the blinds, creating visual harmony throughout the entire space.

Maximum flexibility with minimal boundaries, these luxurious voluptuous silhouettes create a graceful, luxurious setting in which VIP guests can’t help but relax. Recognisable while remaining innovative and interesting, NCDA has hit a home run.


Source: ArchDaily

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