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CR2 Arquitetura’s Jacupiranga House in Sao Paulo is a fantastic feat of transformation, taking what was once a neglected structure from 1965 and turning into an enviably bright, open family home.

Before its unique regeneration, this home in the Jardim América neighbourhood of Sao Paulo was a cramped space with small rooms, narrow windows and an overall dim and unpleasant demeanour. Extensions had been added over the years, and outbuildings cluttered the lot, making the revitalisation seem a rather difficult project.

Light, Bright and Airy

As the project was a renovation rather than creating a project from scratch, architecture firm CR2 Arquitetura decided to remove the existing service block and its two exterior walls, instead creating a continuation of the dining room as well as a new kitchen and bathroom.

In cladding the exterior of the home in light Accoya wood, what was a stark white block has gained not only a warmer and more natural feeling, but importantly additionally a softer air. The addition of this façade and kitchen cladding has also allowed the architects to camouflage doors to different spaces within the home and the new areas, and additionally create a rather minimal space void of clutter and mess.

In modernising the structure that was previously there, revitalising the glazing and building a true indoor/outdoor living space, the home has a truly gained a new air.

Luscious exterior

The flat roof of the structure was likewise completely transformed. The existing and newly created buildings now form an L shaped roof garden, on which the family owners can spend their mornings and enjoy the outdoors. This new outdoor space also allows greater visual permeability throughout the home and outdoor space, creating a flow throughout the residence.

Spaces that were previously occupied by the extensions that had been added over the years and the various outbuildings were likewise revitalised. What was once a cluttered lot is now a sizeable, tidy rear garden that features not only a swimming pool, with the luscious tropical planting ties together both the rear garden and planted roof space.

What was once a small, dim and outdated space is now a light, bright and airy family home that anyone would be lucky to inhabit. In restructuring the existing space and adding modern touches such as invisible window frames and the Accoya cladding, CR2 Arquitetura has truly brought this home into the 21st century.


Source: ArchDaily

Images: Fran Parente

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