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On a site originally intended for a series of apartment blocks, architecture firm PPAA instead created two light and airy matching homes, using minimal design elements and taking advantage of the abundant daylight of Mexico City.

The two residences ‘Pachuca’ are designed to put a thoughtful twist on the classic townhouse. While the owners had originally thought to create conventional apartments in the space, PPAA decided instead to design two narrow homes, allowing both households to have access to their own private outdoor spaces.

A tight fit

In dividing the space to create two multi-story units, each home has a façade of only thirteen feet. And while at first glance this may seem to many as an unfeasible – or at least very difficult – challenge, what ensued was two thoughtfully arranged residential spaces, that truly take full advantage of their location.

With the plot on an east-west location, the Pachuca was designed around a collection of stacking volumes which gradually become smaller in size as one moves up through the different stories in the space, allowing both daylight and natural ventilation to flow through the home, both from the street-facing façade and the private patios at the back of the properties.


The minimal approach

As one moves into the interior of the homes, the use of exposed concrete throughout the home further adds to the feeling of a cool, airy space in which the homeowners can find repose from the hot sun during the day. Full-height patio glazing, and large façade windows allow natural light to come in, while interior elements are finished in natural light wood in order to soften and bring a calm, more natural feeling to the space.

While the ground floor houses the garage, the first floor living area has been so designed to allow a clear throughway throughout the space, with staircases leading up to a studio and street-facing terrace and bedroom on the first floor, and a master bedroom with ensuite on the second.

One of many of PPAA’s residential projects in Mexico City, the Pachuca Apartments are a true masterclass in minimal interior design and utilising available space to not only create a calm, cool and spacious-feeling living space, but also to bring in the elements of daylight and natural ventilation, breathing life into these homes.


Source: dezeen

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