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An Urban Escape: The Jardins in the heart of São Paolo

Designed around a small lot, CR2 Arquitetura transformed a structure with no architectural value in São Paolo into a green oasis fit for a family: The Jardins House.

Back in 2012, a local family was looking to upgrade. Hoping to stay in the area but dreaming of moving away from apartment living and into a house, their luck changed when they came across a small plot of land housing only an industrial kitchen. After approaching CR2 Arquitetura, their dream of owning their dream house became a reality.

Good things in small packages

With the original structure on the property having been designed without regard for sunlight and ventilation, CR2 Arquitetura developed a concept for the new property, which at its core was designed to be a fresh breath of air in an otherwise densely built-up neighbourhood.

The large concrete box on the ground floor was adapted to become the core of the living space. Creating breaks in this unassuming and somewhat uninviting structure allowed for daylight to penetrate the space without compromising the occupants’ privacy. Although on a small plot of land, the house therefore feels light and airy, reinforced by the addition of a double height living room.

The prominent planted void at the centre of the space and the double-height living room allows for occupants to look into the ground floor from the majority of upper-floor spaces, creating a visual harmony between the two floors.

A play between structure and nature

Showing off its concrete core in juxtaposition with large windows and steel railings along the mezzanine and stairwell, as well as the open-plan living concept, Jardins House definitely nods to the historic modernist movement. The clever use of space additionally gives a true contemporary feeling to the home and is a great example of creating a calm escape from the big city.

Voids throughout the space are planted with tropical gardens, adding lush life to the space, and to top it all off, a wall of yellow cobogó latticing and wooden façade elements on the upper floor give Jardins House an approachable air, whilst reinforcing its fresh take on the modernist movement.

Source: Archdaily & CR2 Arquitetura

Images: Fran Parente

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