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Iconic lamps for kids

Cute. Cuter. The cutest. Lighting has never been this adorable. Let us thank Dutch design studio Mr Maria for that. The studio focuses on creating pure, clean and warm designs fit for children of all ages with the power of imagination. The iconic designs of playful characters shaped by classic lines make up a timeless collection of interior designs. The brand’s motto ‘We are Family’ shows its desire to be a lasting part of any home. Welcome Mr Maria to your home and let it become a part of your family’s story.


Back to the times when we were much younger. Remember when we were a child and oh so afraid of those creepy monsters under the bed or of the dark?  We would have loved to have a cute friend around then, right? Enter Mr Maria. This Dutch design studio gives icons a new, bright life. Time to get to know them.



The traditional Kokeshi dolls were traditionally gifted after a child was born in Japan. The dolls would bring the baby a life full of happiness and joy. This is a beautiful gesture that suits Mr Maria perfectly, one of the important reasons the Kokeshi lamp was made.



Miffy and friends

In 1955 Dutch creative and writer Dick Bruna published the first Miffy book. Miffy soon became an icon, loved around the world. That’s why Mr. Maria was inspired to give Miffy friends such as Boris and Snuffy, a one of a kind combination. These three make sure your little one experiences the sweetest dreams just by being there.


The good news? Mr Maria gives Miffy, Boris and Snuffy more friends! Discover more Mr Maria musthaves here.  

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