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Modern living in Antwerp

How an empty penthouse apartment became a Minimalist haven… Presented with a completely blank canvas, an entrepreneur couple’s penthouse in the Westkaai Towers in Antwerp became a bright, modern haven.

Situated at the top of the David Chipperfield-designed building on the waterfront neighbourhood of Eilandje, the owners were looking for something different from the original plans drawn up by the developer. And so, the 220 square metre penthouse became the ultimate clean slate with which Belgian architect Hans Verstuyft could truly create an original, liveable vision.

The restructure

As the architecture firm was employed during the final stages of construction, they had a unique opportunity to make interventions on the floor plan and create a space that perfectly suited their clients’ needs. With 4.8-metre-high ceilings, concrete columns and large windows on three sides boasting river views, the shell allowed for the architect to develop a unique approach.

Verstuyft envisioned the space as being structured by way of five big “boxes,” scattered across the space and restructuring the circulation areas and flow of the penthouse.

Larger than life

By using large sliding doors and a clean, minimal colour palette, the grandeur of the space was put on full display. The flow of the space is carefully tailored to the owners’ needs, but also includes clever play of structure, such as allowing open access from the study through to the master bedroom, and further on to the en suite bathroom, which was designed to sit perpendicular to the bedroom to ensure privacy, while featuring full-height windows with stunning views of the water.

Finished with stone floors and chalk coloured walls, the work done at the penthouse of Westkaai Towers closely follows Hans Verstuyft Architects’ core value of reducing. And with this paired-back masterpiece, it’s easy to see why they’ve chosen to stick by that winning formula.


Source: Vogue Living

Images: Verne

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