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5 Eco Proof Brands to Watch

When nature becomes a source of inspiration, great things happen. We love 100% eco, 100% sustainable. Therefore, we’ve gathered some items made from recycled materials, from less materials or produced on the most sustainable way possible.


Avocado Sock

Sometimes, the oldest tricks work the best, and the effectiveness of the Avocado Sock is no exception. It’s an organic, back-to-basics product that encourages the consumption of healthy avocados in an over-processed and plastic-filled world. This has been a very rewarding project from conception to a reality. It is giving back to local communities by employing local manufacturers, using sustainably-sourced products. The Avocado Socks are knit in Alberta using 100% Shetland wool from a 200-year-old Scottish wooden mill. The Avocado Socks are finished by a social enterprise in Vancouver that employs and trains people with employment challenges, using all environmentally friendly products.




Stasher was founded by Kat Nouri, CEO. Her airtight, reusable silicone bag — that you can cook, store, and freeze — has disrupted the food storage industry and prevented millions of single-use plastics from piling up in landfills and polluting our oceans. Today, Stasher has become a leader in the plastic-free movement.





MOIMOI’s philosophy is to buy less and better quality, products that last long. Every item must be practical, timeless without sacrificing the good looks. Their mission is to produce locally, support small companies and pay fair salaries for their products and materials production.


They design all their products in Helsinki and produce them in Spain and Finland. They will always keep their production inside EU to ensure they know everyone involved in the production chain. Every product tells where it has been produced to keep things transparent. All their products are made with artisanal techniques and vegetal tanned leather. Bags that you can use over the years, leave for a while and then use them again. Their products age beautiful, making each one of them unique, your own.





GreenPanis a Belgian brand with an international reputation. It is the brand of two childhood friends: Jan Helskens and Wim De Veirman. When they discovered that traditional non-stick pans released toxins when overheated and PFOA was used to produce the non-stick coating, they started looking for a new alternative. GreenPan™ was the first to introduce ceramic non-stick cookware into the market.

Their pans with Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick has given customers a whole new option when it comes to healthy cooking. Today, GreenPan™ products can be found in retail, department, hardware, grocery, mass market and specialty stores in over 100 countries around the world.




Don Hierro

The “secret” of Don Hierro’s factory? They like and love what they do. Their team includes people who know the meaning of efficiency but also design, ergonomics, innovation, ecology, and lately healthy cooking, and all these words are, thanks to their designers and employees, present in their production processes.

On the other hand, Don Hierro is committed to the environment and sustainable development by creating new products such as the recycling bins, grills and barbecues that do not imply risks for the consumer’s health. They design and manufacture everything in Spain, in their factory, with a guarantee of quality, flexibility and service.



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