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Why we are thrilled that the Monoqi members are joining Decovry

For our Decovry founder, Carole, Decovry began in 2011 as a dream. A dream to bring the discovery of surprising products to a community of people who seek the thrill of daily discoveries as well as products with a story, which are sustainable, creative and authentic. Now, nine years later, Decovry is on the verge of a major step. With the acquisition of the major assets from Monoqi, Decovry becomes the largest community for hand-picked design and lifestyle. Just like Decovry, the German company Monoqi was an online platform focussing on limited edition and hard-to-find design products.

Why this acquisition is a major step for Decovry?Decovry_Nichba_Design

Carole: “Decovry has always been focussing on the discovery of products. ‘Be the first to discover’ used to be our slogan. This urge of discovery is not only inherent to Decovry as a team but also to our community who now will more than double. We are happy to welcome all Monoqi members to our community from whom we are sure they are – just like we are – passionate about discoveries. We are close to our community, who also helps us finding new, thrilling products and designers. Now that we are 5 million, I’m sure we’ll be able to showcase even more discoveries to our community. 😊 Nice little detail, we have a VIP programme to thank our members. If you bring a new designer to our platform, you’ll earn the Decovry Stylist badge and enjoy exclusive benefits.”

What does this step mean for the product offering of Decovry?

“We now have access to 10,000 new designers. Monoqi had a very good scouting team who sought the best emerging designers worldwide. We’ll pick up the relationship with those designers and be grateful to add their products to our existing portfolio. I’m so excited to discover the many hidden gems in the Monoqi’s portfolio. I only go home at night when me and my team found another great product discovery. I get thrilled from the many designers telling us about their passion, their work, their design. Just like me, many of those designers can’t wait to see the members from Monoqi back.”

How will you try to make the Monoqi members feel welcome?

“We try to be the best platform for all you members. Every day, we work with passion to put a smile on your face by showcasing products that are unique, beautiful, sustainable and very well priced. We are committed in offering discoveries. And we’d love to hear back from you. We like to communicate a lot on social media. So, if you like certain products or if you have suggestions how we can make your experience better, we’d like to hear it from you. We want to create the best possible experience for everyone. It’s an honour to work for all of you. That’s what matters to us.”

What’s next?

“The acquisition will enable Decovry to accelerate the development of its future proof ecommerce platform which helps emerging designers to connect directly with consumers. Emerging designer brands typically have specific needs that are not being addressed by ecommerce platforms such as Amazon or Rakuten. Therefore, these brands are proactively looking for a different go-to-market. Decovry is committed to be the best platform for those emerging design brands. With over 10,000 emerging designers and a community of 5 million design lovers, the Decovry platform is well positioned to become the leading marketplace for emerging designer brands.”

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