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How to combine the colour of year 2020?

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Classic Blue has been elected by Pantone as the colour of the year 2020. It represents confidence, peace, calmness and power. Time to find out how we can mix and match this colour smoothly in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the minimalist or the more the merrier way: you can integrate this versatile blue together with something old, something new, something you’ve found on Decovry.


Tone on tone

Blue on blue means boldness. Paint the wall blue or go for a divine sofa. This blue is the colour for courageous and adventurous souls.


When in need of a warm, almost exotic interior

Purple, orange, yellow, green or pink: the opposite colours of the chromatic disc are a perfect fit if you prefer a more vibrant look. Combine with bright prints, plants, gold or wooden elements for a tropical touch.


For a scandi look & feel

Combine Classic Blue with cold colours such as white or grey for a more minimalist approach. Tip: use this timeless blue tint as an accent colour and use white or grey as a base to create a more serene vibe at home.


Do you feel like having a (little) makeover? Find the next best thing here.

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