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Design Smoke Detectors: Safety can be Beautiful

One day a fire extinguisher can save your life … But meanwhile you get the distinct feeling that it’s ruining your interior. You know what we’re talking about? Then we’ve got good news for you, because those days are over. Protect your home against fire without loosing track of style with discrete and stylish fire extinguishers like those you find on

Here are some fireproof tips of the firemen:

  • Hang a fire extinguisher on every floor, preferably on an evacuation route such as a hallway.
  • Buy a fire extinguisher with a 10-year Lithium battery such as the JALO fire extinguishers on
  • Test your fire extinguishers monthly.
  • Don’t place the fire extinguishers in the kitchen or the garage but the room next to it to avoid false alarm.
(source: vrtnws)

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