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mr wattson lamps different colours

It is cute, different and has a quite interesting personality. Insert Piffany Copenhagen’s iconic Mr. Wattson Lamp. This eye-catcher is something completely different and that is one of the many reasons why we wrote him a little love letter. Yes, you could read it, we are okay with that.


1. Mr. Wattson is a vintage lover

The Mr. Wattson lamp is inspired by children’s action figures and the colours and shapes of vintage car parts from the 1930s. Okay seems that boys and their toys is real, right?

Mr Wattson Lamp Table White



2. He is flexible …

We don’t know if he is really into yoga or pilates but that man is very flexible. The lamp’s adjustable body and long legs ensure that it can be placed wherever you want it. Perhaps with a straight back on the windowsill or with a more relaxed posture on your bookshelf? The choice is yours!

mr wattson flexible



3. … and loves the planet

There is no planet b, Mr. Wattson knows this as well. One of the reasons why he is made of only the best materials so you will enjoy his funny appearance for a long time. Oh and its light source is a long-lasting changeable LED running on only 2,5 watts. How lovely.

Mr Watson green radio



4. His personality is everything

Mr. Wattson is both classic and urban. He brings his own bright personality with him wherever he goes. The lamp has that je ne sais quoi, something you can’t define that will remind you to smile every day. Could your current lamp do that right now? Yeah, we didn’t think so!


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mr wattson different colours and shapes






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