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Everyone tell us not to judge a book by its cover. Think again if we’re talking about coffee table books. These pretty things are not only the perfect conversation starters, they are also a good option to spice up your living room. Discover our top 10 of the most giftable coffee table books and worry about a coffee table later.




Let’s be real, food is life. So thinks your foodie friend. Buy him or her an inspiring book! Who knows they’ll make you something soon… or maybe that is all wishful thinking.


Cookbook Avocado

Avocados aren’t just for vegetarians and hipsters: this green gold is full of good nutrients and you can taste it. Enough reasons to surprise yourself and others with the most delicious avocado dishes.



Health Guide Go Keto

This book includes a detailed 4-week menu plan, a 15-minute workout to support your burning and lots of tips to improve your quality of life. The recipes are quick and easy, using mainly supermarket ingredients. Good for flexitarians, vegetarians and those who like to eat vegan. Burgundians also get their money’s worth with classics such as vol-au-vent, stew with fries, risotto, dame blanche and waffles with whipped cream.



Culinary Guide Must Eat NYC 2

Foodie and listomaniac Luc Hoornaert offers an eccentric selection of sometimes bizarre, yet always unique and authentic eateries in New York City. In each one he focuses on the in-house specialty – the ‘must eat’. When you browse through and read the Must Eat NYC culinary guide, your mouth will start watering automatically.




Are you slightly obsessed with Instagram or do you know someone who just can’t stop scrolling feeds all the time? Insert these photo books that’ll grab the attention immediately. Just another great idea to get excited and share your favourite snaps with your followers.


Photo Book Insta Grammar Dogs

The best of Instagram, but offline: Insta Grammar Dogs features a hand-picked selection of Instagram’s best and most inspiring photos of dogs, with quotes sprinkled throughout.



Photo Book Insta Grammar Love

The best of Instagram, but offline: Insta Grammar Love increases your heart rate and is the ultimate wedding or Valentine gift.



Photo Book Insta Grammar City

The best of Instagram, but offline: discover the most surprising places and most arty Instagram accounts in Insta Grammar City, a selection of the finest Instagram accounts and photography.




We are born to wander, right? These jaw-dropping photo books are books every adventurous spirit could get their hands (and eyes) on. It is the best, budget-friendly way to explore the world or to find inspiration for next destinations.


Photo Book Depart

Depart tells the story of the new photographer. A photographer who’s always on the move, equipped with a camera and outfitted with a big dash of courage. The book contains more than 250 pages and over 300 breath-taking photos. That makes Depart not only a spectacular photo book – it also serves as a big shot of visual travel inspiration that will definitely trigger your wanderlust.


Photo Book Wish I Was Here

On what island would you not mind getting stranded on like Robinson Crusoe? Let the daydreaming begin with Wish I Was Here. The best international photographers will show you the most beautiful hotspots to surf, dive or enjoy life…




Are you always in need of something new, something beautiful to upgrade your interior design? Did you just nod when reading this question? Ha, you just have to take a look at these interior guides in that case. These books are your Holy Grail from now on.


Interior Decoration Guide Nordic Moods

Decorate your home interior based on the Scandinavian mood boards and elaborate examples in this book. The Danish interior designer Katrine Martensen-Larsen invites you inside nine inspirational and varied Nordic homes, sharing her best tips along the way, such as the valuable art of restraint. Helped by mood boards – a practical visual association tool – you learn to prioritize and discover Nordic style and interior design.



Photo Book In the Rough

Slick or soft? No thanks. This interior design book is as hard as a rock and as tough as they come. Solid houses with a polished look, but also with a generous dose of poetry and patina. Imagine: brute materials, such as bare bricks, rusty metal, weathered plasterwork, discarded materials and concrete. The imperfect and aesthetic interior designs radiate a warm atmosphere. Also get acquainted with the trendsetters in this book, each of them an artisan with a passion for metal, wood or ceramics.



Still thinking about that coffee table? Find here your favourite table and other gifts.

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