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HOTSPOT: London’s Prettiest Pink Pizzeria

Say hello to millennial pink walls, Italian styled plant-based pizza’s and an incredible interior design. Subtle nods to the past embrace the history of the neighbourhood in such a minimalist yet perfect way. No doubt about it, London’s Humble Pizza is totally Instagram ready and here to stay.


Meet this new kid on the block: Humble Pizza on London’s King’s Road. A neighbourhood associated with 1960s style and with fashion icons such as Mary Quant and Vivienne Westwood. London designers Child Studio respected these references when creating the restaurant.

Their biggest inspiration? The legendary Formica caffs, which first appeared in London in the 1950s . The coffee bars were established by Italian immigrant families and used to serve simple snacks and drinks in a pastel-coloured, cosy setting. The Formica caffs were the start of the café culture in London and attracted musicians, writers and other creative characters. To this day, you can still find some of those cute bars if you know where to look.



Now you could taste a plant-based menu of goodness in heaven – well actually in Humble. All options are healthy, vegan alternatives to the classic Italian style pizza. Just perfect, isn’t it?



Is London not on your mind? Stay at home and shop Humble styled items right here.

Source: Humble Pizza

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