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This is how you create an affordable home office

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Trending: working from home. Looking to revamp your home office or study? Wondering how you create a clean office design? We’ll give you some ideas and inspiration to guarantee the perfect working atmosphere without you working at the kitchen table scattered with crumbs from last night’s dinner. It’s gonna be cosy, it’s gonna be cool and most of all: it’s gonna work!

1 Choose a compact desk

It needs to be big enough for your laptop or desktop, some paperwork and your life-saving coffee mug. It needs to be stylish enough to fit into your interior. We offer a wide range of small and bigger desks for every liking and more importantly: every budget.

2 Have a seat: swivel or fixed?

A well-chosen and well-designed desk chair is crucial for your home office day. Choose an ergonomic chair, with an adjusted seat height. For a proper posture, make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are in line with your hips. Fixed chair or swivel base? That’s up to you. Most importantly? Make sure you’re on a roll. Check out our desk chairs and stools from € 49.

3 A place for everything

Everything in its place. Next to a stylish desk and a well thought out chair, your home office could definitely use a clear bookshelf or wall rack to get you all organised. We don’t need to tell you that a clean work space guarantees maximum concentration and productivity. A lot of books, folders and paperwork? Choose a big and accessible wall rack that you can use as a room divider at the same time. Not that much going on? Pick a small Tomado-like rack or a couple of shelves.

4 Leave a desk light on

You choose: a led lamp for extra durability, a standing lamp for an all-round cosy atmosphere or a desk/table lamp for clear and local light accent. Or why not throw a new light on it and go for a bold and alternative design concept: a mouse, a dog or a good set of brains? 😉

5 Dots on the i: decoration

Dots on the i of your relooked home office? Some inspiring decoration items to make you feel at home while at work. What comes to mind: a stand for your laptop, metal or leather pen holders and a personal coffee mug (or shot glass to suffer through the events of the day).


Now get to work and find some more inspiration for your home office on*.

We cannot be held responsible for any workaholic issues that may arise from reading this article.

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