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The summer picnic of your dreams

As Zoeey Deschanel once (quite correctly) said : “Nothing is better than a picnic”. We live for easy breezy summer days and a good old picnic really is the cherry on top. Pack your favourite snacks, gather your sweet entourage and don’t forget these amazing wannahaves.


The Basics

Don’t forget to bring the bare necessities. You’ll need comfy cushions, a soft blanket to sit (or crawl) on and a handy tea towel (Hello, fellow clumsy people). The towel is also perfect to wrap cuttlery or to keep your pastry fresh.


The Tools

Serve your delicious snacks in the most beautiful tableware possible. Your company will love you, so will your Instagram followers.


The Cool Extras

Ok, so we’ve got the basics and tools right. Time to pack some cool extras to wow your picnic crowd. Give your drinks or salads a fresh touch with this citrus spray. Treat your guests with some ah-ma-zing wine gums (they really taste like wine, yum!) and play your favourite tunes with a good Bluetooth speaker. This little fella is also a lamp, which is nice, cause we already know this picnic is gonna last until the sun has set.


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