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Trend: Dried Flowers in Recycled Bottles

Bring the beauty from the fields into your home with Decovry’s new favourite brand: Field of Hope. This Amsterdam based project creates the most beautiful pieces of art with dried flowers, grass & weeds.

This sale has ended, sad but true! Don’t worry, other items are waiting to be yours. Find your new favourite thing here.  

Field of Hope is a unique brand founded by Daniëlle & Hariatie. “We started Field of Hope out of love for nature and our strong desire to capture it. Our wish is to bring the beauty from the fields into your home in a lasting way. We find our flowers, grass and weeds locally but also during our travels. “

Almost each Flask of Hope is recycled. Daniëlle & Hariatie receive them from hospitals, laboratories or find them at auctions and markets. You can also donate some old glass or flasks yourself. Cool!






Get your own little Field of Hope here:

Don’t stop, can’t get enough? Shop here!

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