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Must Visit: Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

Decovry loves discovering new, unique and mind-blowing hotspots. Our latest favourite: the ah-ma-zing hotel Jakarta**** in Amsterdam. You might want to read with credit card in hand because this sustainable hotel is a must-visit.


The name might have rung a bell. “Jakarta is a unique hotel in Amsterdam, where two worlds connect. At the former location where ships left for Jakarta, lies a green oasis in the centre of Amsterdam.” The entire hotel (and food, yum) is inspired by Indonesia, which results in a refreshingly laid-back, green and island-like atmosphere.


Why we’ve fallen in love?

Hotel Jakarta has taken sustainability to the next level. Centre of attention: the amazing indoor jungle which has all sorts of (Indonesian) plants. Looks good, sure, but there is more…The evaporation of the many many leaves cools the entire hotel down by 6° C. The water of the river IJ is stored via an intelligent pipe system and also enables the hotel to cool itself down. But those are not the only energy-saving measures. “Rainwater is collected to spray the subtropical indoor garden. PV panels in the facade and in the roof of the atrium collect, solar energy that is converted into electricity and heats the shower water. Even the staff wears sustainably made clothing.” So cool!


Decovry must haves inspired by Hotel Jakarta



Excited to spend some time in Amsterdam? Make sure to check out Hotel Jakarta here.




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