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5 Up-and-coming Travel Destinations

New York, the south of France or the Algarve: been there, done that! The best vacations are when you travel off the beaten path. That’s why Decovry lists 5 destinations to go to once you’ve done the popular tourist spots.



A surprising yet worthwhile destination for nature lovers that don’t need a lot of luxury when travelling. Hike along the impressive lakes or the Tian Shan Mountains. Tip: stay with local families. You might taste the national drink kumiz, made from fermented horse milk. Who knows!




Jordan is a safe haven in a region full of conflict, one of the reasons why every Jordanian will welcome you with open arms! Spend the night in the magical Wadi Rum or be amazed by the Dead Sea, Wadi Mujib and Petra. One thing is for sure: Jordan’s versatile landscapes will leave an unforgettable impression.



The Azores

This Portuguese island group consists of 9 inhabited and 8 uninhabited islands and is also called the Hawaii of Europe. One big advantage: mass tourism is not a thing…yet. So be quick! The largest and greenest island of São Miguel is really something to visit. Palm trees, crater lakes, thermal springs and cute cities will inspire you. Another great thing about the Azores: many opportunities to spot whales and dolphins! Anyway, this one is a destination for tourists who like quietness and a long walk in nature.




Panama seems a forgotten brother between popular neighbours such as Costa Rica and Colombia. Such a shame! From tropical rain forests to wonderful coral reefs and the San Blas islands, this country does not disappoint you at all. Also, don’t worry about its cultural options. Panama has a lot to offer with an interesting mix of Western and Southern influences.



The Faroe Islands

Europe’s best kept secret. The awe-inspiring landscape and changeable weather create a mystical atmosphere on every island. Be overwhelmed by its untouched nature and let the islands surprise you wherever you go. The large colonies of puffins in Mykines and the small capital Tórshavn should also be on your list. Tip: combine the Faroe Islands with Iceland for an ultimate experience.


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