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Do you enjoy city life but are you missing greenery and cosiness when looking at your balcony? Look no further: Balkonbar is your new BFF! Transform each balcony into a mini urban jungle or café thanks to its compact size.


How does it work?

  • Double-check the railing

The Balkonbar can be attached to every balcony railing. Different types for different balconies.


  • Measure the balcony and make it happen

A solo Balkonbar is pretty cool but imagine your balcony having a full-length bar or a cute vertical garden. The choice is yours!


You’ll receive the Balkonbar in a super handy DIY kit which everyone (clumsy people included) can put together.



Always connect the Balkonbar to the railing with another person. That helps to avoid falling parts but is also very cool to have someone around to have a drink with at your new balcony bar when finished. Cheers!






About the designers

The Balkonbar was created by Arjen Spijkerman and Daan Meijners: two busy men from Amsterdam with an urge to be outside. Arjen, the handyman, creative mastermind and ideas machine transformed his frustration about small, ugly balconies and lack of green in the city into the creation and design of the first Balkonbar. Daan, the nature guy and the finance wiz saw potential in it and turned the dreams into action.


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