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Decovry’s festival guide

Your favourite bands, good vibes, amazing food and your best friends. We are so ready for the summer festivals. And with these Decovry tips & tricks, carefully selected by some all-time festival groupies, you’ll be too!


Sun, Fun, Sun

We all know it can get pretty hot at festivals (thanks to the sun of course, you dirty minds). Pack these three items and you’ll master the heat like a real festival pro.

  • Protect your eyes from the sun with a stylish pair of sunglasses. This summer’s favourite: the cat eye design with iconic 90’s vibes. Ps. After a few heavy festival days, we all know even make-up won’t cover those bags under our eyes. This fashionable pair is all we need!
  • Bring this solar powerbank with you and let the sun do all of the charging.
  • Take care of your skin with this sparkling sunscreen and shine as bright as Edward would!


Festival Hacks

Life at the festival campsite can be hard. We’re of course exaggerating, but it doesn’t harm to pack some awesome festival hacks.

  • As charming as the ‘no shower for days’ look is, we’d kill for some personal hygiene. Invest in this portable bath tub and thank us later.
  • Aaah beer: a festival’s fuel. Carry your bottles in this beer box. When empty, turn around and use it as a handy stool.
  • Loud music, drunk people and a lot of noise make it impossible to get a good night’s rest. This sleeping mask has integrated headphones in it, so you can dream off with your favourite tunes.


No fashion show greater than the one at a festival. Live your best festival life with these stylish items.


Listen to your mother

And pack these festival essentials:


  • Pack your own water bottle: hydrating is key and we care about our sweet planet.
  • Prepare for the worst (again, exaggerating here) with this fashionable first aid kit.
  • A big cosmetic purse for all those much needed beauty products.


That’s it. We’re done here. Time to dance your butts off or shop here.


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