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Did you know green is the colour of life, renewal, nature and energy? Did you know it’s understood to be the most restful and relaxing colour for the human eye to view? No wonder that it’s a favourite choice in interior design. Aside from its psychology and its connection to the outdoors, it’s a great colour to pair with other tones like greys and beiges. Well, as it so happens, we have quite some interior items, deco and outdoor furniture in… exactly, green. Ready to relax?



A green accent wall

If you do something, do it right. We’re heavily into this FEATHR wallpaper. It’s hassle-free and adds a playful yet luxurious and light touch to any space.



Green to be seen – statement furniture

Wanna go big and bold? Opt for green chairs, a green bookcase or even bigger and bolder – a green eye-catching sofa.


It’s in the details

The details are not the details, they make the design – CHARLES EAMES. These greenish details definitely do.



The great green outdoors

Also your outdoor space could use that extra green injection. How about a relaxing afternoon in a – green, what else? – Acapulco chair or comforting hanging tent whilst listening to your favourite tunes coming out of a – exactly – green box by B&O. Stress level = kept to an absolute minimum.



Now you’re no longer a greenhorn (or are you) in the field of interior decoration, you better get started. For more inspiration, go to

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