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House Raccoon is a 100% local, handcrafted and sustainable interior design brand from Belgium. It was founded in October 2017 by Anneleen Durnez and Nathan Noëth, a happy couple that loves to create things. The creative duo try to bring nature in their brand as much as possible, from the designs over their way of working to planting a tree for every product sold. The couple does everything themselves from start to finish, with just a little help of a social workplace called Mivas in Lier.

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Anneleen and Nathan try to bring nature through their designs as much as possible. Every object is made using high quality molds and is very unique because it is handmade with love, only love! Perfect for small succulents or other plants.



Another cute addition in their collection: Dalbane. Dalbane can be used as an on-trend coaster for your drinks, as a display for other stuff or purely as a decorative object.



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