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Gold is the colour of success, achievement and triumph. The key to using it in your home is recognising that there is a delicate balance: using too much can be overwhelming while using too little can go almost unnoticed. Let’s discover how we can use this deluxe colour at home.



It’s all about the details

Door handles, framed artwork, vases or other deco essentials: you don’t to have to call your inner diva to integrate this colour into your interior design. Small golden objects can give a new life to your dusty-looking coffee table and make dark corners pop up almost immediately. Combine gold with white walls or another cool colour for a timeless look and feel. Tip: go for grey for a match made in heaven.



Go big and go gold

It sure is easy how to master gold at home when you are everything but a Plain Jane (or John). But you can sure rely on us if you need some (p)inspiration. Thank us later!




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