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Ecogrill: Making Outdoor Cooking Great Again

Ecogrill is an easy way to cook, BBQ, grill or start a campfire while you’re on an outdoor adventure. Everything about this musthave is sustainable: you don’t even need any lighter fluids. Let’s meet this little fella.


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Grillin & chillin

You can use Ecogrill to cook, BBQ, grill or to enjoy a nice campfire on your outdoor trips. The coals are made out of alderwood which creates a nice, smoky flavour and smell. Everything is sustainable: you don’t need any lighter fluids. The fire starts after using one single match, after 20 minutes you can start using the grill. Each Ecogrill burns for about 2 hours. Afterwards the coles burn themselves and the alderwood down. All what is left after that is biodegradable. Isn’t that fantastic?



Easy, eco-friendly and good-looking: reasons why Ecogrill is a little something that makes outdoor cooking great again. Find yours here.

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