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How To: Statement Walls

A blank wall and no single idea how to fill it. The struggle is real. Did you know that a statement wall is a clever way to personalise your home? No worries if you’re not really into (interior) decoration. Decovry has got you and your walls covered with different options so you could transform a wall into a piece of art.



Not Just Another Wonderwall

Refresh your interior with a classy wall print. Messy flowers or natural landscapes in deep colours will give a sophisticated touch to any room. KEK Amsterdam is one those creative brands that has surprising and refreshing prints.




Posters & Walls = A Match Made in Interior Heaven

Mix and match your favourite art, quotes and mementos and create an extensive gallery wall. You’ll see this immediately adds an inspiring twist to any room. Easy but effective.



Store Like an Artist

Display your favourite books and other treasures on minimalist shelfs if you like to maintain a modern look. Is modern not your cup of tea? Opt for a mini library with inspiring reading material and antique objects instead. Also good: to combine authentic and on-trend elements together for an eclectic kind of look.



When Basic is Boring

Are you everything but mainstream? Hang an array of (antique) plates, hats, baskets or yes.. even a bike on the wall to inject an unexpected element into your space. Surprised guests are an option for sure.



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