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Mirror mania: 3 Décor Hacks You Should Try

Mirror, mirror on the wall… what’s the most fun(ctional) décor item of them all? One question we at Decovry don’t need to ask ourselves because a mirror is every interior designer’s secret weapon. Be ready to be amazed.


Why a mirror?

It creates more space

This won’t be a surprise at all but adding a mirror to make any room look bigger is still one of our favourite interior hacks. A petite room like the bathroom or transitional area such as the hallway or stairway instantly look more spacious. Because yes, bigger is better.


It illuminates dark corners

A mirror can trick the mind with its multiple optical illusions. This multifunctional items does not only enlarge the space but also adds more light if you’ll place a mirror strategically. Thank reflection for that. Hang a large mirror across from the largest window in the room or add small mirrors to brighten up a dark hallway or stairway. You’ll see, it’s a kind of magic!




It is still amazing as a décor item

Here to stay: an inspiring gallery wall. A mixture of your favourite photographs, drawings, personal mementos and mirrors immediately create an artistic and personal twist to any room. But what if you are really into mirrors? Create an entire display of mirror. The more the merrier.





Where do you place the mirror?

Small spaces such as the hallway, stairway, dressing or bathroom


Rooms with dark walls


Actually any kind or room

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