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Spring brunch, Easter lunch or first communion dinner – your table setting is key. It sets the mood, diverts the attention from any over salted salads and is the perfect conversation starter. How to lay like a pro? With these tips & tricks from the Decovry team you’ll never miss a shot.



Tableware for the win

Strike the perfect balance between elegance and playful. Go for structure bowls or ceramic plates. Combine with hue tones, pastel colours and gold accents. Don’t hesitate to mix and match without losing sight of the whole.


Flower galore

Time to introduce some colour or greenery to the table. Arrange white blooms in a clear glass container for elegant simplicity. Or pick some leaves or flowers from… exactly, your own garden. (Or the neighbours’.) Hint: go to a nearby street or park and mix and match some grasses and wild flowers that show beautiful summer tones.


Glasses, glasses & oh – glasses

Combine several drinking glasses for an easy-going atmosphere. High, low, small, big – in this case size doesn’t matter. What matters is what’s inside – a fresh homemade strawberry lemonade or a delicate wine. Cheers!


Napkins & table cloths

Leave your paper napkins where they are and go for the real deal: 100% cotton or linen. Hint: craft your own floral napkins. Tie them with a brown string and some loose flowers. Choose crisp table runners to complement the floral arrangements and you get a shabby chic finishing.


Deco on a budget

Make your own Kraft paper name tags to tie around the napkins. Use your most graceful handwriting and a white pen to write your guests’ – make sure you have the spelling right – names. You like it a tad more sophisticated? Pick the greenest leaves you can find and write on them with a shiny silver or gold pen.


Love, shine a light

The cosy glow of a lantern or candle lifts your dinner to a higher level. Hint: put your table under a tree and hang it full of string lights or hanging candle holders. How about these nice glass pieces?

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