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Remarkable Storage Design from Antwerp

Sharp lines and geometric shapes are the ingredients of success of the Antwerp-based design studio Kabinet Van Look. Since 2010, founder and designer Jan van Look conquers the Belgian design scene with his collection of magnetic blocks in wood and marble as well as his geometric shelves.


“With an educational background of architecture and through renovation projects, I started making customised furniture for (interior) architects. One assignment came to another and after a couple of projects, I decided to start my own company”, Jan Van Look says. “Yet I felt, this wasn’t what I really wanted to do. In my workshop I started spending more time on my own designs and went along with my own inspiration and vision on aesthetics. When I got the opportunity to start my own shop and promote my own work, things really started to get going.”


In his creations, precisions and creativity get a functional metamorphose. This results in functional objects with eye-catching outlines and robust materials. “My designs spring from a graphical point of view. The shape is the protagonist of the creation rather than the material. I like working with familiar materials such as wood and marble to come to timeless compositions.”


[videopress kUGV5Rf9]


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Showroom Kabinet Van Look: Korte Vlierstraat 17, Antwerp (Belgium).

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