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7 KonMari Proof Items to Organize Your Home

Does the name Marie Kondo sound familiar? Then it won’t be a surprise that this Japanese organizing guru may know how to convince you to declutter your home. Decovry collects her most effective tips and added 7 KonMari proof items to bring theory to practice. Especially for you!



The KonMari philosophy is actually very easy and all about one question: does it spark joy? Trust us, even the ones who like everything but cleaning will start to declutter rooms after using this question time after time. Another advantage: you’ll know what really is important for you. So pick up your brush and find your storage boxes and dust cloths because here there are… our favourite tips & tricks to organize your house even better!


The best way to find out what we truly need is to get rid of what we don’t

Marie Kondo



Does it spark joy?

The life-changing process of tidying up concentrates on the question: “Does it spark joy?”. You’ll be surprise how many things will find its way to the door just by asking yourself this simple question. No worries, you don’t have to throw away your collection of books or other limited edition items. You can keep the sentimental things for sure. Display your favourite musthaves on one of these bookcases. Of course, after that cleaning session.




Tidy by category, not location

Don’t even think about cleaning room by room. Marie Kondo’s rule focuses on categories. Start with your wardrobe. Next thing on the list? Books, magazines, papers, and komono (miscellaneous items). Last but not least: memontos, items with sentimental value.


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Keep rolling

The KonMari folding technique is a unique way to have a better overall view when it comes to your clothes and other items. No more stressy moments in the dressing room when choosing an outfit. This way you’ll win not only time but also energy. Discover the joy of having more space by opting for a new partner in crime. Maybe one of these sideboards? Who knows.




Shop till you drop at for more sideboards and other organize proof options. Or that one nice little thing that would spark joy!


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