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Wanted: This Floating Light Bulb

Is it real or is it magic? A question we all ask ourselves when seeing the PÆR Floating Light for the first time. Get to know one of Decovry’s bestselling items. Right here, right now!


This sale has ended, sad but true! Don’t worry, other items are waiting to be yours. Find your new favourite thing here.


The PÆR Floating Light is a suspended lamp that floats by magnetic attraction. Designed in the PÆR Studio in Paris, the PÆR Floating Light is made from galvanized gavelock and its base is made of oak. Perfect for desks, bedside tables and table tops, this hanging wireless light bulb uses magnetic induction to float freely. Just perfect if you’ve wanted something nice, something different.




New: its little brother with a marble look!



The dream of a designer duo

The PÆR co-founders spent months developing and testing their innovative ideas to bring their project to life. They have always wanted to collaborate since the two creators are complementary: one is a dreamer and the other a cartesian. The duo always knew that their union would make their dream of timeless and functional pieces a reality.



Discover the PÆR minimalist pieces here and make you interior unique.

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