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Greenterior: an inspirational guide

If buying new plants gets you more excited than shopping for shoes, bags or food, we’ve got you a little something. Get energized by the most beautiful homes and let Decovry guide you through your very own greenterior.



If you’re a brand new plant parent, make sure to start with little green babies that are easy to maintain. Let’s be honest: you don’t want to water them every day. Good options are spider plants, monsteras, aloe vera plants or lilies…Switch to larger ones once you’re a real pro.

Accessorize it up

We’re going for the dreamy, pinterest-like interior, so make sure you get the right accessories to spice things up. We’re thinking eyecatching plant holders in different colours or patterns, hanging pots and jaw-dropping vases. Feel like shopping?

Colours, Colours, Colours

Green is the new black, sure, but enhance the beautiful shade of your plants by putting them in front of the right wall. Green on green enriches your interior in no time, especially if you go for a darker tone. A pink wall can look refreshingly cool and adds a playful touch to your greenterior. Go for white with a dash of colour for a warm, clean and peaceful home.

Mix’n match materials

Rattan, brass, metal, terracota…the limit does not exist. Play around with different types of plant holders to get the most out of your little green paradise. Also fun: use a side table as a cool home for your plants.

All right, greenthusiasts. Ready to rumble? Get started with these amazing greenterior items:

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