Spread the love for your new design as thick as you would Nutella. Post your Decovry picture on Instagram with the hashtag #mydecovry and who knows you might win a € 50 Decovry gift card.


How does it work?

  1. Follow Decovry on Instagram.
  2. Take a picture of your Decovry purchase.
  3. Post your picture on Instagram and add hashtag #mydecovry. Watch out, your Instagram profile has to be public
  4. Cross your fingers and wait until the first day of the next month. Because then we announce the winner. This lucky bird wins a Decovry gift voucher worth € 50.


Did you already post your Decovry item in the past? No worries, add #mydecovry and you’re in the running as well.

Surf to Decovry.com and shop your Instagramproof item!

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