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The 7 top interior trends of 2019

We’re already one month into the new year, high time to focus on what’s really important, besides drinking less alcohol and saving more money: which are the main interior trends for 2019? How about some art deco, boho rotan, blush tones, round forms and more functionality and durability? Read all about it in our 2019 trend report. And consider taking our advice: stop saving and start spending.

Keep in mind: some of these sale have ended, sad but true! Don’t worry, other items are waiting to be yours. Find your new favourite thing here.



We live for a good style revival or two and 2019 might be the great comeback of Art Déco. Think rich materials, interesting forms, strong architecture, fine craftmanship and glamourous design. Pink and blush shades are setting the tone this year (see what we did there) and we’ve carefully selected a few of our favourites.


Soft tones such as light pink, blue and green set the mood in 2019. Make your home colour palette soft and sweet and you’ll feel almost in heaven of heavens. Rather looking for a bit of punch? Then combine the blush palette with bold colours such as navy blue, forest green or gold deep yellow and let these bold ones overrule your interior.


Clean and sleek forms make room for round and lively shapes. Not only in furniture, these bold contours bring the curvy trend into our homes. Also, in materials we welcome the organic trend. Take the handmade knitwear of Zilalila for example: made of pure New Zealand wool and recycled EPS material.


Rotan is back, although it was never quite gone. It’s boho, it’s chique, it’s ethnic, it’s natural and so 2019. We find this flexible material in chairs, sidetables and all sorts of lamps, but also in smaller objects like mirrors. Not only natural coloured rotan, but also greyish tones and darker shades can often be found in modern-day interior collections. Our conclusion: rotan rocks.


When it comes to furniture, make it multi-functional. When life feels uncertain and chaotic, you can rely on the simplistic, steady features of your stable interior companions. How about a functional yet very stylish clothing rack, that offers extra space for drying towels or efficiently organising clothes hangers. Or an alarm clock that brews your morning tea or coffee the moment you open your eyes? Talking about commitment.


“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking!” As a matter of fact: yes! Anything flowery is a must in 2019. Pamper your walls with some bold floral prints. Mix and match with a lot of green (and by a lot, we mean loads). Feeling wild? Top it off with some exotic accessories.


Thinking about the environment as well as keeping your home décor in vogue, is what’s the sustainability trend is about. 2019 stands for strategic purchases and keeping in mind why you actually buy certain things. From the designer’s point of view, we see that more and more designers think green. Recycled materials, smart and efficient production with a heart for nature and a more profound vision about where materials come from and where production takes place.

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