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Buying gifts for someone who seems to be living in a real life Pinterest board and not really sure what to get them for Christmas? With these stylish interior gifts, you can’t go wrong! * Pin to board *

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  1. Belvédère Mirror Shelf 2. Letterboard 3. Keyholder with Keychains 4. Marble Cheeseplate 5. Dinosaur Planter | Plantosaurus Rex



1. Belvédère Mirror Shelf

Interior junkies love a life hack or two. Give them something they can’t wait to use: like this little wooden wall shelf with mirror. Nice to display plants or pretty beauty products!


2. Letterboard

Add a personal quote, shared memory, important date or exciting question on this letterboard. Because nothing says I love you like a customized gift.


3. Keyholder with Keychains

Is there anything more important than family? Give them the key to your heart with this beautiful keyholder.


4. Marble Cheeseplate

Is it us or does everything covered in marble looks oh so much better? Suprise someone special with this amazing cheese plate. Pro tip: they might love you even more if you add cheese!


5. Keyholder with Keychains

Know someone who is into dinosaurs (Hi, Ross Geller) and a bit of plant addict? Well, voila! These chunky pre-historic beasts have a glazed ceramic belly to lock in moisture so they’re the perfect home for little plant babies!


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