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Mentally packing your bags when someone mentions New York? No need to wait, book that trip and get ready for take-off! Your home in New York? Maybe this cool lifestyle hotel:

Hotel 50 Bowery


Hotel 50 Bowery is located on one of the oldest thoroughfares in Manhattan, embedded within the cultural crossroads of New York City’s iconic Chinatown and Lower East Side.

50 Bowery Neighborhood Sanders 9990 CRPD500x600

New York is not a city, It’s a world.

Wanderers, creatives, professionals and locals…Hotel 50 Bowery aims to be a vibrant meeting spot for everybody. The energy in New York is slightly addictive: brutal, arty, fashionable, eccentric, tough, sensational, unbreakable and oh so lovely. No wonder this hotel turned out to be a New York City tribute.

50 Bowery Model Room 036 CRPD1200x800

50bowery_kindredsuite_guestrooms CRPD1600x760

Experience and Discover

Get some small bar bites or delicious drinks in rooftop bar The Crown and enjoy the lovely view. Fancy a dinner? Go wine and dine in Rice & Gold and get pampered by the international cuisine. YUM!


New York and art: match made in heaven. You don’t even need to go outside to enjoy some art. Sniff around in the in-house art gallery, curated by Exhibition A (insider platform for art galleries and exhibitions). You can visit temporary exhibitions, as well as a permanent art collection featuring historical Black & White pictures of Chinatown (Museum of Chinese in America).

New York Hotspots

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