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EDITOR’S PICK: Their Favourite Summer Shop Items

Is sunshine on your mind? Well, in that case join our editors team. The mighty four picked their favourite items to make summer even better. Come on, let’s discover together their favourites of the Summer Shop!



“Live on coffee and flowers, my all-time favourite quote, sung beautifully by my favourite band. When I saw this lovely vase (€ 19,99), my heart skipped a beat. The fine, golden details are in perfect harmony with the slightly bombastic glass. I can’t wait to display it on my dinner table with some beautiful and fresh smelling peonies.

Describing my favourite summer isn’t that hard: dancing from one festival to another, preferably with some cool city trips now and then to spice things up. To add some more space, I go for smart and compact travel accessories. Such as this cute Goosebump toilet bag (€ 24,99). Big enough for ‘The Bare Necessities’ and easy to cram into your full suitcase or backpack because of its soft and foldable form. Oh, btw: when I’m in desperate need of a refreshing shower on my favourite festival, I just take this with me because this toilet bag is made from the same fabric as bathing caps. Festival-hack!

Picking up shells, selling paper flowers and making little figures in the sand. As a little kid I spend my days on the beach during summer. Summer is here, so I’m planning a few escapes to the seaside with my nieces and nephew. Their turn to hit the beach! As a gift, I’m buying them these cool Shapers (€ 9,99) to make figures in the sand. No more filling and flipping sand. To fill, move the Shaper around and it will fill itself! Then just give it a little tap, lift and magic…the artwork is done. Extra tip: extend their fun and use these shapers in bad or in the snow!


It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about wanderlust or winederlust: both are really my thing. Of course, I’d like to make a toast to the summer but to make this a top-notch toast: please pass me my Geo Glass (€53,99)! I know, it’s a very atypical glass for wine but then again wine not? How to make this toast even better? A Geo Glass in one hand and an airline ticket in the other one. On my checklist to be fully prepared: the Luster travel guide ‘500 Hidden Secrets of Barcelona’ (€ 16,99) with tons of hidden gems and off-track hotspots as well as this classic Westminster bag of Vinga of Sweden (€ 99,99).


Bring me to the beach and make sure to take along these accessories: the cool, mountable beach side table (€ 29,99) for my sunscreen and refreshing soda, the MAXI-sized ‘Offline Beach Towel’ (€ 39,99) and the sweet Coco Handbag (€ 64,99) to put both away.


A fresh and clean face: lovely! Especially in summer. Did you just have a long flight or (sweaty) car ride? Did you drool over sleeping and is your mascara smudged like a panda? Wipe it away with a Meraki facial towel (€ 1,99) and you’ll feel brand new.

My favourite summer lunch is a simple and fresh pasta salad with sundried tomatoes, cured ham, pine nuts, basil and… These delicious biologic Extra Virgin olive oil from Greece. Summer on a plate! Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olijfolie, Five (€ 29,99).

This beach chair is the perfect support for reading, hanging and chilling on the beach, in the park or on the campsite. You don’t get stiff arms from holding your book (or ok yeah your tabloid) in front of you and you can do some sea peering, tanning or eating. Nice detail: it’s so compact that when closed, you can carry it like a French baguette, mais c’est géniale quoi. Neo-transat, Simon & Georges (€ 49,99).

Did you fall completely in love with our Summer Shop? Take a look here! PS: Be quick! Everyone want a piece of this!

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