Spread the love for your new design as thick as you would Nutella. Post your Decovry picture on Instagram with the hashtag #mydecovry and who knows you might win a € 50 Decovry gift card.

How does it work?

  • Take a picture of your Decovry purchase.
  • Post your picture on Instagram and add hashtag #mydecovry. Watch out, your Instagram profile has to be public.
  • Follow Decovry on Instagram.
  • Cross your fingers and wait till the first day of the next month. Because then we announce the winner. This lucky bird wins a Decovry gift voucher worth € 50.

P.S.: Did you already post your Decovry item in the past? Add #mydecovry and you’re in the running as well.

Surf to Decovry.com and shop your Instagramproof item!


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