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Modern neutrals meet feminine chic in Katrien Coppieters’ small but sleek city apartment. Our inhouse interior architect knows a thing or two about living small and how to make the most out of a tiny space. Curious about her secrets to live and design by? Read on and get inspired.

A must-have: the practical coffee table
But here’s a note: practical ≠ bulky. Get a sleek table with enough room for tidy storage. Think about books and magazines, remote controls, tealights or even small glasses.

How to: create extra space and light
Free standing closets take up a lot of space and in-built cupboards or fitted wardrobes are not built in a day. That’s why you should lift your cabinets and sideboards off the ground and have them hanging against the wall. Result? An open space above and under your closet. Some subtle and indirect lights can enhance this feeling of spaciousness.

Free your walls
Along with looking super cool and casual, leaning art – instead of hanging it on a wall – also makes for a flexible and spacious home.

Black is the new black
Paint the wall behind your TV black, creating a feeling that it seamlessly blends into your wall and preventing it from being the centrepiece of your tiny living room.

The architect’s way
Combine modern items with vintage paraphernalia, like a contemporary cupboard with authentic African necklaces or concrete industrial lighting with a retro piece of furniture. Well thought out yet nonchalant.

Glam in Gent
You don’t have a terrace or garden? No worries, the grass isn’t greener on the other side anyway. Be creative: open your windows widely, put some cushions, plaids or rugs in front of them, pour yourself a glass of wine and there it is: your own little picnic area.

One for the road: hang a mirror in your bedroom to make it feel larger and replace your bedside tables by bedside caddies that you slip under your mattress.

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