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3 Reasons Why You’ll Love This Wallet Tracker

1. You’ll never lose your keys or wallet again

… thanks to this smart tracker with rechargeable battery a.k.a. the guardian of your valuables. How does it work? The Woolet wallet or key hanger includes a mini sensor that synchronises with your smartphone. This means: when you leave house, bar or car without the Woolet, you’ll be notified with a message. Say farewell to your bad trait of being absent-minded ánd your nickname Dori!


2. There’s a Woolet for everyone

Man, woman, gadget geek, minimalist and even your dog, everyone can have its Woolet. The Woolet accessories come in several varieties: from a classic wallet to a key hanger you can hang on your dog’s collar. All items have this ultra-convenient tracker (compatible with all iOS and Android operating systems).


3. The wallet includes fantastic features

Besides the tracking functionality, the Woolet has a rechargeable battery, a tracking and last-seen location and a feature to call your Woolet. Need more? It’s ultra slim, Bluetooth-powered, wireless-charged and handcrafted to perfection.

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