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How to Turn your Phone into an Instant Camera

Let your photos come to live and turn your iPhone into an instant camera with Prynt, the perfectly pocket-sized photo printer. No tiny view-finder that you can’t see through. No cheap plastic lens that produces blurry photos. No Wifi or Bluetooth. Just a quality zero-ink printer that clips onto the smartphone you already know and love.

[wpvideo 0BUyUgoJ]

Why this device is more fun than Polaroid?

You can print a still from a video and then magically bring it to life by using the free Prynt app: hover over your printed photo and it will come alive. The App also links directly to your photo gallery/Instagram or Snapchat gallery, allowing you to print photos and selfies at any time! What’s more: you can add filters, frames, captions and emoji’s and let your creativity run wild.

How it works

Step 1: Take a photo (and add a short video if you want).

Step 2: Add filters, frames, emojis and text.

Step 3: Print your photo with one click in only 30 seconds. (You can use each paper – 10 in total – as a sticker).

Sorry but this sale is finished. Shop more fun gadgets here!


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