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The newest trend style comes from Japan! This minimalist style follows the Scandinavian interior trend and unites the clean lines of the north with some traditional zen of Japan.

Today, japandi is the one to watch! This new trend combines ‘japan’ with ‘scandi’ and gives a new twist to the Scandinavian style as we know. Japandi focusses on natural materials, warm kinds of wood and some striking accents.

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Zen and Ikigai

Taking time to reflect has always been part from the Japanese lifestyle. Besides relaxing the ‘zen’ way, ‘ikigai’ is conquering our regions. It means thinking about your reason for being and the things that makes you happy. A welcome change to the rush of our daily life. Elements embodying this lifestyle now find their way into our home décors: you see it in tactile details, calm colours and pure materials like wood and bamboo.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle goes hand in hand with this trend. Japandi pleads for quality instead of quantity. Move! Eat well! Go and see the world! See the bigger picture of this trend.

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Perfect Imperfection

Our favourite ethos of this Japanese philosophy? That’s ‘wabi sabi’, meaning ‘the perfect imperfection’. This philosophy embraces the transience of beauty and longs for freedom and spontaneity. It’s okay if not everything is perfect ...

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Sofabord med Kobberben '18 - Coffee table Copper legs

Colour it up

Following the Scandinavian style – with its pastels and light shades – japandi gives the green light to bolder colours: a darker palette, striking contrasts, accents of black and red … Also, the combination of soft wood colours and a contrasting shade gives the punch your interior might need.

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