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Charming Sleeping Bags, Happy Babies

Baby Bites was born out of a desire to create heartfelt and quality baby accessories. Spanish designers Sofia Marques & Andrea Durall aim to convey a degree of playfulness and originality to everyday products without relaying their purpose to the background. Everything about their product is local, from design to collaboration. Behind Baby Bites, there is fantastic team who cares for every product as if they are creating something for their own children. The members all perfectly succeed in putting a smile upon your face like it’s pure magic!


But what about the sleeping bags? Every cosy must-have item is fun and cool. The sleeping bag has a side zip so parents have easier access to the baby and openings at the back which creates a perfect fit with the baby wagon. Its inner fabric is extra soft and sheltered, which will make your baby feel comforted.


One thing is for sure: Baby Bites’ shark-shaped sleeping bags couldn’t be cuter. Are you curious to discover the sleeping bags in detail and make your child’s dream even sweeter? In that case, take a look at the entire collection here.


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